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Take advantage of social media with these 5 easy steps

Social media is a fantastic way for small business owners to market their businesses. As a customer, one of the first things I do when I come across a new business is check out their social media pages and their websites. So, to take advantage of this free marketing medium - check out my five tips below.

  1. Use the medium that is right for you and your ideal client

Think about your ideal client - will they spend their time on Linkedin? Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook? Concentrate your content creation and energy into one or two channels where your ideal client is most likely to look for you. There's no point trying to create content for five channels when your ideal customers are only engaging in two of them - that's a sure fire way to burn yourself out!

2. Be consistent

They say that consistency is key - and they’re not wrong (whoever ‘they’ are!) Being consistent is hard, but I find it is one of the surest ways to achieving the best results. I find it off putting when a company hasn’t updated their social media in a long time, and you will struggle to grow your social pages if you are posting and engaging sporadically. Working on your social media pages consistently a few times a week is more beneficial than trying to post twice a day everyday and then letting it fall by the wayside for months.

3. Provide value - this can be anything from top tips to motivation

Show off your knowledge to the world! People want to work with you or buy from you because they know that you know your stuff - so show them that. Posts which provide value could be on mindset, do’s/don’ts, top tips, examples of your work, testimonials and snippets of information which others will find useful. I am sure you have hundreds of content ideas already - remember what may be simple to you isn’t to someone else. You don’t know what you don’t know.

4. Show off your personality

People also buy from you or want to work with you because they know who you are, what you stand for and they like what they see. I love to be authentic on social media and show my followers an insight into my life. I talk a lot about Irish dancing, my family, boyfriend and my dog, Bernie. People remember me as the Irish dancing VA and that helps me to stand out in the crowd.

5. Engage with other accounts (read my top 10 engagement tips here)

Engagement is something that I talk a lot about and that is because I think it is so important when working on social media. No one likes that person in the group that only talks about themselves and then leaves - so don’t be that person on social media. Engaging with other accounts and showing support is a great way to build real and meaningful connections. You can read my two previous blogs about engagement here -

I hope this has helped you understand the importance of social media and how easily it can be taken advantage of to market your small business. There are so many other tips and tricks - you can learn more by following my Instagram page or get personalised help from me via a Power Hour session

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