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Apply these 10 secret techniques to improve your Instagram engagement

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Anyone who has a conversation with me knows how important I believe Instagram engagement is. However, as a VA I know how many people push engagement down the list - it is one of the first things many serviced based business owners outsource.

But if you like to do your own engagement then here are 10 secret techniques to help improve your engagement style.

  1. Engage everyday

Engagement is something that I recommend everyday - like keeping a doctor away with an apple! Small doses throughout the day is the best way I have found to integrate engagement into my daily life. Waiting for the kettle to boil? Engagement. Running the bath? Engagement. Adverts of Coronation Street? Engagement. It doesn’t have to be a 1 hour daily task that feels overwhelming - break it down and enjoy it.

2. Focus on your ideal client

There is no point in engaging with 50 year old male truck drivers, if your ideal client is a 20 year old woman who creates stationery. See my point? Focus on engaging with your ideal client as these are ultimately the people you want to learn from, gain a following from and hopefully work with/gain a sale from.

3. Use hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to engage with accounts that have similar values, beliefs and/or businesses as your ideal client. If you are looking to work with a Virtual Assistant from the UK - then focus on engaging with people in the hashtag #UKVirtualAssistant. Easy peasy.

4. Use locations

Locations are also a great way to engage with the right people, especially if your business requires people to live in a certain area. If you are a Nail Tech from Newcastle - there isn’t much point having a massive following from London. So use the location tag to ensure that the people you are engaging with are local enough to ditch their current Nail Tech and come and visit you.

5. Comment, like, save

There are multiple ways to engage with people on social media - comment, like, save, share. Like something you see, share it! Comment when something resonates with you and spread likes around like fairy dust.

6. Share content you like

Following on from the above - I always try to share content that I really like on my Instagram story. But remember to tag the original account in the post, so that they get their credit, plus they will then be notified that you have shared their post. You never know, it may spark up a conversation.

7. Use more than 4 words

When commenting try to use more than four words. Less than this can come across as spammy and like you have simply copied and pasted it from one post to another. Be authentic in your engagement and add value, show support and start conversations in the comments of posts if you can.

8. Around posting times

I am sure a lot of you know this already, but it is good to engage just before and after you post on your social media pages (especially on Instagram). Don’t post and dash!

9. Don’t push it to the bottom of your to do list

Like I said at the beginning, engagement can be done during small breaks in the day, so don’t push it to the bottom of your to-do list and forget about it. This is important if you want to grow your social media pages and make sales/gain new clients via social media. Engagement can make or break your social media page.

10. Outsource it

However, I know this is one task that people find they can outsource with relative ease. A lot of Social Media VA’s will be able to do this for you but I would always make sure they have experience with engaging on a client’s behalf and ask them to go through their process with you before you hand over the reins. Once you have outsourced it, sit back (or work on something else) and watch your page grow without having to worry about daily engagement

I hope this has helped you understand more about engagement - you can read more about it here. Have any questions? Don’t be afraid to reach out!

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