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Why I banked on a good Bank Holiday

Monday was my first Bank Holiday as a full-time freelancer and I have to say, it was a strange experience.

My previous part time employment, for two years during university, was as a cocktail waitress in a high end restaurant in Liverpool. We worked 12 hour shifts during weekdays and weekends and over holiday periods like Christmas, New Year, Easter etc.

When I wasn’t in work or travelling to Manchester or Liverpool for lectures and seminars I was working at home, diligently. I worked as a part time freelancer and worked extremely hard to get my Masters and Undergraduate degrees.

I used to take revision or podcasts to transcribe on holiday, on the way to and from dancing and during commutes to work or university. I am used to working when people are ‘expected’ not to work.

But this time, I lay outside in the sun, on a sun lounger and didn’t feel forced to work. I relished in the fact I had a research task to undertake and it was glorious to not feel pressured to work, but to be eager to get started. I wrote some content, sent some emails and enjoyed the research task in the sunshine.

Whilst everyone was rejoicing in the fact that they didn’t have to work, I was rejoicing because I had work to do.

A x

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