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Together we can achieve more

As much as I love working online and believe that a strong online presence is vital for businesses in the modern age, there is nothing like also getting out into the community in person.

I am very lucky to live in a close knit village. Community is key to us all and we socialise as a village on social media and through organised events. Below I explore I how your local community can help you market your business and brand. Take a look at my three tips for marketing away from the computer!

1. Go to social events

Getting out in the community and meeting new people is a great way to network your business and yourself. I recently discovered the Leading Ladies in Business social networking events which have been very helpful. I have found that it was a great learning experience to hear about the struggles of other people and their businesses. This allowed me to perhaps find a solution to their issues with services I can provide or bounce new ideas off new people with fresh eyes on my issues.

2. Connect with people who live nearby on social media

Online social media channels can help you connect with people who live nearby. This can be very helpful if, like me, you work mostly from home or on your own. Collaborations with other companies who live close can boost your company name and brand to new audiences, whilst also giving you the ability to meet up with other business owners and learn from them. This can give you new ideas and challenge the way that you think and approach situations, which will help you grow as a person and a business.

3. Be charitable and engaging

One way to market your business in the community is to be charitable. Local schools, churches, charities have numerous competitions and raffles throughout the year who are always on the search for local businesses to donate prizes. This is a great way to increase brand awareness within the community and project a positive light back on the company brand. Word of mouth is crucial for growing a business, henceforth one free service or job may end up resulting in two or three paid jobs.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get stuck in and explore all the possibilities and connections which are literally right outside of your front door.

A x

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