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The girl with the dissertation

Whilst scrolling through Twitter I saw this post appear:

The concept of the dissertation is to analyse the over-sexualisation and objectification of female characters in early 2000s ‘teenage dramas’. The world seemed to be alight with interest to read Bethany’s dissertation, as the tweet received (to date) 10K retweets and 158K likes. Copious amounts of people are calling for her to share her dissertation so that they can read her theories. But why is this subject so immensely popular? Why did it spark such an interest?

Then I read the comments - whilst the vast majority of the comments were praising Bethany and asking desperately where they can read her work, there were a stand out amount of comments critiquing Bethany. These criticisms stemmed mostly from a aesthetic point of view - people spoke badly of her dress, of her nails, of her stance and facial beauty - one comment even implied that she was ‘the whore’, highlighted in her dissertation title. They purposely spent their time degrading Bethany, whilst unknowingly validating it.

See, Bethany set out to explore over-sexualisation and objectification of female characters, and although she is not a TV character, she was over-sexualised and objectified in these comments. I shan’t post their replies, as I do not want to spread hateful messages or give them the satisfaction, but what I do mean to say is, in speaking so overtly nasty they have perpetuated the point entirely. In the long run, she wins.

In the words of my mother growing up...if you cannot say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Did you see the post? What are your opinions?

P.s. I really hope she does a Masters analysing the comments of her posts - or I need to go back to sociology and look at the use of language used by the different genders in Bethany’s dissertation post!

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