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Recently I was on a potential client call and something really annoyed me

So, as the title suggests I was on a potential client call and it was all going swimmingly! We had a great vibe with one another and although we talked about work, our companies and how I could potentially help her, we also were able to laugh and a joke (which I find important when starting to work with someone new). We got on to the conversation of social media engagement and she said that it seemed like rocket science. In fact she said that a lot of marketing seemed extremely complicated. I understand that it isn’t for everyone - but this seemed different. I was slightly confused, and asked her to go on…

It turned out that the people she had been following on social media had been talking about many different marketing techniques in the most complicated ways possible. I see this all the time - overuse of jargon, examples that are more complex than the constellations, going all around the world to say a simple point, long sentences and paragraphs and I am sure the overarching aim is to confuse.

I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but I couldn’t help but think, are these deliberate marketing strategies? Think about it - if you make engagement sound hard, overly complex but also essential, what is the first thing someone will want to do? Outsource it.

This style of marketing is something that doesn’t sit right with me at all. It is these pages that added to my sense of overwhelm and heightened my imposer syndrome when I first started my business and so I can’t imagine how they’re making non-marketing small business owners feel. I want people to outsource because the understand the importance of something but don't have time or interest to do it for their business. They understand that their business can grow quicker and more sustainably with expert help.

Keep it simple. Keep it clear. Keep it honest.

It doesn’t have to be rocket science - but it isn’t easy either!

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