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Post Uni fear...or your soul's calling?

Leaving University is a really scary experience. I know I normally use these blogs to give value, teach something or talk about current events, but recently I have been talking and thinking about how much I have changed since I graduated in December 2018. I have always been indecisive. I think that is because I am a perfectionist and I am paralysed by the fear of making a mistake. That is why when I went to Manchester Met University I found a course that allowed me to do English and Sociology. I loved both of those subjects, and quite frankly, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Now I reflect, I am delighted that this is the choice I made. I loved my time at Manchester Met Uni. My subjects were challenging but enjoyable and I met some lovely friends who helped and supported me throughout my years there. But after three years of studying and a year out to join Lord of the Dance I was still no closer to knowing what I wanted to do. I remember the constant internal monologue, which predominately centered around fear. Who am I? The pressure to find something that felt ‘right’ was horrid (and I am hoping some of you can agree with me on that one). By this point I was already freelancing as an audio transcriptionist for two different podcasts, a blog writer and a part time VA for my friend’s business. It was all such great fun - but I had no idea that I could make this a business and I certainly wouldn't have known where or even how to start. To cope with the fear of the vast unknown ahead of me, I ‘bought’ myself some time (literally) and completed a Masters in Social Research. It was the most intense year of my life and it was incredibly difficult to juggle freelancing, my studies and dancing at a high level. On the day of my graduation, I secured a marketing and research role at a large accountancy firm in Liverpool. It was a good job, but I felt so unfulfilled. I hated it almost immediately because I felt caged in, restricted and unchallenged. I knew it wasn’t for me. When you know, you know! So, I left. Set up ALN Marketing and have never looked back. See, the fear that encompassed me throughout my University years pushed me to find my right fit. It forced me to be brave and go for it.

Did I need lots of money? No. Did I need lots of connections? No, but I had one very good one. Did I need the permission of anyone else around me? No. Use your fear as an indication of your souls calling. Scared of setting up your own business? Don’t fret. I’ve got you. Email me at to find out more about my latest group coaching programme 'Student To CEO'.

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