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My opinion on the new Irish Dance Pro dance clothing

I was lucky enough to be sent some of the new IDP dance clothing, which was went on sale this week! I was sent the black leggings and sports bra that I am sure everyone has seen Emma Mannion modelling so beautifully!

The leggings and sports bra are made from a Lycra style material (albeit stronger) which means that they fit comfortably and I didn’t feel the need to fidget with them - but more on that later. As it was the Christmas break and there was no dance class on, I decided to put the clothing through the test by taking them to a personal training session. I had an hour of intense exercise - running, jumping, weight lifting and slowly but surely crawling on the floor with tiredness! However, the clothing stood up to the test.

The most important thing to me was the comfort of the clothing. I often find myself in dance class, and my teammates will back me up on this, fidgeting with the leggings that I am wearing. They are either falling down, won’t stay in place or are simply too hot for vigorous exercise, like Irish dancing. There is nothing more distracting when you are at dance class than being uncomfortable in what you are wearing. How can you focus on your turnout when you can only think about your leggings moving around during your Jig? This is why I loved the secret small band of rubber along the bottom of each leg of the leggings. This rubber, again in the IDP logo design, means that the pants stay in place as you move around. Genius!

My favourite thing about the sports bra was the design at the back. The cross over effect means that that it looks cute under other sports tops as well as being worn on its own. The material used to make the sports bra is strong which means older dancers needn’t worry about feeling secure.

The black and green colours used are versatile so can be styled with other clothing brands if needed but are easily distinguishable as Irish Dance Pro dance wear. Irish Dance Pro has ensured that every Irish dancer’s favourite design aspect is included - sparkle! Down the side of the leg of the leggings ‘Irish Dance Pro’ is written in green glitter.

In my opinion they have encapsulated all the needs of the modern day Irish dancer, from young child right through to senior ladies. The clothing is robust, strong and designed with dancers who train as hard as athletes. This being said, they haven’t forgotten about the playful and fun dancer with their unique designs and that added bit of sparkle!

Image credit - Callum Ward Photography

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