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Master the art of content creation in 10 easy steps

Content creation is something that people tend to find hard - but I think it is often made out to be harder than it should. If you are not mastering the art of content creation, try these 10 easy steps.

  1. Know your audience

When creating content for your company, you need to know your audience. Creating content with no audience in mind is simple, but let’s face it, it will won’t create any engagement from your target audience, it will confuse people as to what your brand message is and it won’t inspire people to buy from/work with you. Know your audience and talk to them. 2. Use Theme Days Theme days are a great way to structure your content creation. This means using things like Motivational Monday, Top Tip Tuesday, Wednesday Wellness...etc. This means that you can easily batch create content - creating 4 quote images means all your Monday content is sorted for a month. I have a free Monday Motivation PDF, with enough content for a whole year! You can download it here. 3. Awareness Days Awareness days are super helpful for talking about subjects that may be important to your target audience. For example, last week was Mental Health Awareness week and so lots of companies took the opportunity to talk about mental health (which is always a great thing to do), and share their experiences/offer helpful advice for those who may be struggling. 4. Plan ahead This year I decided to really get to grips with planning my social media content and it has been so much easier. I use My Social Planner by (tags company) and I would certainly recommend it. I now plan my content for each month within 30 mins and this saves me an enormous amount of time. 5. Write what you are passionate about If you’re struggling for content ideas, write about what you are passionate about. I talk about Irish dancing all the time on my accounts as I am super passionate about the sport and the lessons it has taught me over the last 20 years. Writing about your passions should make content creation seem easy and I am sure there are a multitude of ways to link it back to your niche and target audience. 6. Provide value Providing value is a great way to create content, serve your audience and situate yourself as an expert in your field. This could be handy tips and tricks, things to do, things not to do, ways to get around common obstacles, software hacks etc. Each week I post a Social Media Jargon Buster post to help people navigate the world of social media. I also provide tips and tricks about organisation, outsourcing, email marketing and motivation. 7. Tell a story If your audience are anything like me (and trust me, they are), then they’re nosey. Using stories is a great way to show your audience an insight into your life - remember you are your USP (unique selling point). I often tell stories about Irish dancing, our dog, my family and my boyfriend. Sometimes I use these stories to make a point or teach a lesson, but other times it is just nice to share. 8. Don’t put yourself under so much pressure! When we put ourselves under so much pressure, it is so much harder to come up with creative ideas. Remember being in school and the teacher would ask you a question and your mind would go empty with panic? That is what happens to interesting and unique ideas when we put ourselves under pressure. At the end of the day, it is content creation - not life and death. 9. Use multiple platforms Using multiple platforms to spread out your content is a great way for people who lack time and who only wish to create content for a few days of the week. You can use the same content to update your Facebook one day, Instagram another and LinkedIn a third. This makes this a great way to ease into content creation for beginners. You can adapt this system to make it harder, but that is for another day. 10. Remember this is your voice At the end of the day, these are your platforms to use as you wish. Write in your voice, use your voice to spread your message and you can’t go far wrong. I hope this has helped some of you can master the art of content creation in 10 easy steps! You can work with me in a multitude of ways - for more information email me at or visit my Services page. P.s. you can join my free Facebook Group here

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