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International Boss Day 2020

Yesterday was International Bosses Day 2020 - a day created to celebrate those people in the workplace who have gone out of their way to make us feel inspired, heard and welcomed into a company. 

Although I have had many people in my life who have used their higher power and status within education and the workplace to help me, it is a great day to discuss what it is really like to be your own boss. 

I am going to start with the negatives - as ending a blog on a low note is just not very fun. So if you skim read this and see negative reasons to be your own boss, don’t fret. There are positives coming! 

Firstly, and possibly the most obvious, being your own boss (especially without a team) can be lonely. I listen to my boyfriend and brother talk about their friends in the office, the things they discuss and have learnt from each other. They have Christmas nights out and post work drinks (well before Covid they did!) and being a solo business owner means that I don’t have the opportunity to do this. 

I also work extra long hours. My mum will tell you that it is not unusual for me to be working late into the evening and starting early the next morning. A lot of this is related to my perfectionistic tendencies and the fact I absolutely adore my job and my clients. But there isn’t someone there to tell me to take a break, it isn’t illegal for me to work through lunch hours or a certain amount of hours a day. Some of the best bosses I have experienced have looked after my mental and physical welfare, as well as my skills within the role. 

Being my own boss also means that finances, for the company and my own finances, are my sole responsibility. When things are going great, then this isn’t an issue as there is no cap on what I can earn and no gender pay gap to worry about. But when things are a little tighter, then it can be an extra stress added to my day/week/month. Things are generally less secure and for someone who is a worrier (like me) then this can be tough. 

Now for the positives!! 

I can sum this up in one sentence. 

I have COMPLETE autonomy.

I am able to decide what I work on, who my clients are, where I work from, what jobs I accept...the list goes on. If I want to go to the hairdressers in the middle of the day, then I can. I now am able to attend dance classes and go for walks with the dog. I can (could) visit family and friends during the standard ‘working day’. I can decide to work extra long hours one day and only half a day another day. I can have an extra hour in bed the day after a dance class because I get home so late and my body needs the rest. I can head for midweek date nights. I can spend some days doing content and others doing analytics. I can work in my pjs and dressing gown. I can work with my dog snuggled up next to me (which he is now). I can take on more clients or less clients. I can educate myself in things that interest me. I can work from coffee shops (shop local!). I have client calls - of which we spend a lot of our time laughing. 

Starting ALN Marketing was one of the best decisions of my life. It is hard work, but I plan on making my life an adventure. 

To be totally honest, the best boss I have ever me!

A x

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