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How to make your emails talk to the right people

After spending the last three months being mentored on a 1:1 basis with the email marketing expert, Kelly Cookson, I have started offering email marketing services to my clients and shall be launching my own list before the end of the month.

The importance of emails has become really clear to me - it is like talking directly to people who have chosen to hear from you. Unlike a timeline where you may pop up, an email list is people who have taken actionable steps towards hearing what you want to say. It’s a virtual speaking event.

Having said this, emails still have to talk to your ideal client, because otherwise they won’t sign up and then you’re talking into a void of nothingness every week.

Here are 5 key ways to make sure you email copy is grabbing the attention of your ideal client:

- Make sure you know who your ideal client is! If you don’t know who you want to target, then how will you know how to write or what to write about? Nailing down your niche is most definitely the first step to getting started.

- Once you know this, have a think about where they hang out, what their likes and dislikes are, what their jobs may be or what their friends be like. Create a whole image in your head of your ICA (Ideal Client Avatar) and your content is more likely to be relevant and personal to them. There is no point talking about working in an office if your ICA are freelancing nomads or professional makeup artists. There is no point talking about how to work well on a beach if your ICA is based in the UK (I’m pretty sure no one on the UK is working from a beach...especially not in February)

- Language is so important. The way we communicate with ourselves and others impacts out thoughts and actions at all times. Using the same or similar language to your ICA can create a rapport with them - this trust building exercise is a great way to convert email list subscribers into one day paying clients. If your ICA is opposed to swearing, they probably won’t connect with your email if they’re full of ‘colourful’ language. If they describe themselves as a 'hustling money making machine', they’re probably not going to connect to your advice of manifestation and deep breathing.

- Think about your emails from their point of view. Does the text look too long and complicated? Are the images too distracting? Does it look exciting to read or like a cut out from a lecture? Think about the layout and the first impression your email will give off.

- Don’t forget the importance of the right salutation. This is the first thing they’ll read, so make it appropriate for your ICA. This could be anything from Hey, to Yo...Dear to Howdy! As long as it fits in with the feel of the rest of your email, be creative.

Hopefully this will have helped someone and I am excited to write some more about email marketing in the future. For now, have a think about your email marketing content and examine whether it fits in with your chosen niche.

Look out for my email list launching before the end of February. You can sign up by filling out the tiny form at the bottom of the screen.

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