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Feed back your feedback

This is the final instalment of my mini-series ‘5 things to know about marketing’. This point may seem simple but it is often forgotten, pushed back to another day (that never seems to arrive), or is simply disregarded. The thing I am talking about is feedback.

Feedback or testimonials are key for securing new clients as they provide a valuable insight from someone who has had a first-hand experience with working for you, with you or alongside you. Which leads to me to my first point...

1. Don’t forget to ask for them!

In modern society, it seems that everyone is busy doing something. This means that a lot of the time people will not provide testimonials without you asking for them. I understand that some people find this process difficult, which is when follow up emails and surveys could provide a better alternative. This being said, I would always recommend emailing or calling the client directly and speaking to them individually, rather than using an automated service. This will help add to the rapport you have already built when working together and will make them more likely to provide you with some feedback.

2. Social media

So now you have the testimonials and you’ve asked permission from the client to post them online, including their name and company, what do you do with them? The best places to market these is on your website and social media channels. A lot of companies who provide a service instead of selling a product, for example a makeup artist, find that testimonials and word of mouth are one of the most effective ways to market their businesses. Posting testimonials on your Instagram and Facebook stories can help get promote positive feedback to a large amount of people, without your actual page looking too pushy or overly self promoted.

3. Encouragement

Encouraging people to review your company can be challenging, as it can sometimes come across as overconfident or presumptuous. One way to do this is to link the testimonials to a competition; for example, enter the names into a draw of those who provide feedback on Trip Advisor, your business Facebook page or contact you via social media. This encourages the clients to provide feedback whilst giving them the potential for a high value prize.

A win, win!

Remember that asking for feedback also means taking positive and negative responses. The way that a company responds to negative feedback often impacts their reputation. this is especially important in modern society, as customers take to Twitter and Facebook to highlight bad service - always answer all feedback given in a polite manner.

I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed this mini-series and have learnt from what I have been writing. I am interested to hear back from you all about what you wish for me to write about in the future. If there is anyone who needs any help with their social media, requires a virtual assistant, a content creator or a researcher then my inbox is always open. I am more than happy to chat about what it is that you require and make things work for you.

A x

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