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'Doing my own social media saves me money'...But what if it doesn't?

This last week I have heard of four different people starting careers or changing careers into social media marketing; and it seems like everyone has got a son, daughter, niece, nephew, friend etc who is ‘in marketing’ or ‘does social media’ .

But that poses the question of knowing who would be a good Social Media Manager for your brand or business or making the mistake of hiring someone who turns out to be the wrong fit.

The role of a Social Media Manager was unheard of ten years ago and even five years ago most companies had an employee who took over the social media tasks as an addition to their normal role.

A lot of companies do still work this way, especially small businesses or independents, because it saves them money.

But what about if it doesn’t?

See, small business specific Social Media Managers are aware of the unique problems associated with running a small business. They should be trained in pain points relevant to the business models and sector the small business is in.

For example, I once worked with a small online based clothing company. The idea and concept of the business was amazing but due to her normal job she lacked the time and energy to work on the social media aspect of the business. I became the Social Media Manager for her Instagram page, tripling the followers and increasing the engagement within months.

I understood that her ‘normal’ job did not allow her the time and energy to work on her extra small business. By taking away the added stress and inner guilt of not being present on social media, she was able to hit the ground running with her company and ultimately succeeded.

Hiring a Social Media Manager could be vital to the success of your business. But make sure you speak closely and ask lots of questions before you agree to work together - the wrong Social Media Manager won’t work well with you or the brand. It is important to find someone, like myself, who is trained in working specifically with small businesses.

Together, we can achieve more.

A x

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