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The 5 most important things to learn about marketing

Did you know that...

Over 51% of smartphone users have found a new product or service whilst searching on their smartphone’

Basically, in the modern age marketing is paramount. For many people, jumping on the fast-moving bandwagon of clever marketing techniques has changed lives. Clever social media marketing is how one selfie takes people from education and living at home, to the next minute sunning themselves in front of the nation on Love Island; making up slogans that Misguided, Primark and Pretty Little Thing embroider on t-shirts at lightning speed. Clever consumer and community engagement can lead you to meet that one person that could give you the opportunity of a lifetime. Clever content could catch a publisher’s eye and result in that book deal you always dreamt of.

There are opportunities all around us - but clever marketing techniques help us gain reach and increase these life changing opportunities every day.

About half of job roles in the marketing sector did not exist 20 years ago. Social Media Managers, Chief Listening Officers and SEO Analysts were unheard of and the idea of a ‘Social Media Influencer’ would have been scoffed at - this was all in a time before the word ‘selfie’ existed.

Therefore, some companies or individuals find marketing a challenge. Everything is new and trends, themes and technology all change rapidly, making it hard to keep up; especially on top of working a full time job or running your own business.

This is why over the next 5 weeks I am going to share with you the 5 most important things to learn about marketing. Next week we will be tackling social media and how to make it work for you, your business and your customers.

I look forward to sharing all this knowledge with you - please message me if you have any questions.

A x

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