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Five ways a Virtual Assistant can help your Coaching business

Running a coaching business on your own can be tough. As well as having the obviously immense pressure of running your own business, you also have the emotional toll that comes alone with coaching. With that being said, coaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the industry.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant for your coaching business can be an excellent way to reduce the stress and pressure off yourself so that you will have the time and energy to provide the best coaching service possible for your clients.

Virtual Assistants can do many amazing things for your business, but here are a list of five things that make hiring a VA essential for your coaching business to thrive.

1. Create and upload blog posts

I love writing blog posts (as we know) as I find it is a fantastic way to share free and valuable content to your audience. I often create blogs for clients so that we can share a helpful tip, write about current events or divulge a personal experience that may help other people.

Quite often the client and I will agree on a topic and either I will be left to create the blog myself (and send over for approval and proofreading when it is complete) or the client will provide me with bullet points so I have a rough guide or template to follow. This means that after a very quick conversation, the client no longer needs to think about the blog until it is time to approve it. After which, the blog can be posted and shared via social media - increasing SEO and driving more people to the website.

2. Manage your email list

Managing email lists is a service that I have offered for the last two years. I was specifically trained on a one to one basis on how to deliver email marketing and list management, so I could provide this service confidently. Email tasks I often assist coaching clients with is adding new people to the email list, helping to write emails, scheduling emails and creating automations.

Email marketing is such a great way for coaches to connect with their potential or current clients in a more personalised way than social media. Many of my clients have made their biggest sales via email marketing - but it does take a lot of time, energy and patience, which is why it is a great task to outsource.

3. Repurpose and schedule content

I could talk about repurposing content all day! I know so many coaches who have created amazing emails, blogs, live videos, social media captions…etc and then they never do anything with them again. But remember that every member of your audience doesn’t see every post! Instead of creating a new post for every channel simply repurpose it.

For one coaching client, their weekly live video was turned into an email, a blog and a few social media posts. This coach was doing her weekly lives anyway in her Facebook group and so we capitalised on this and used it to create more content.

This is a task I really enjoy doing for my clients plus it means that your audience is more likely to see what you have to say and learn from it.

4. Create and analyse responses to feedback forms

Feedback forms are so underrated but it is a simple way to gain testimonials from clients. Plus, gathering this information can also help you improve - especially if it is your first time running a group programme, your first coaching business or a new offer. A VA can assist you in sending these forms out, collating the information and presenting it back to you in a clear fashion. They can also create testimonial images from Canva templates which can be used on social media to help promote your coaching services.

5. Help you run and manage Group programmes

Running a group programme? A VA can help you to manage the admin side of a group programme. Adding people to the group? Answering FAQ’s? Engagement within the group? A VA can do it all!

Are you a coach reading this and thinking that this sounds like something you could do with? I am taking on one or two more VA clients and I’d love to have you on board! Email me here to arrange a free call or contact me via social media.

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